Our Philosophy & Goals

The education and development of our children is the basic tool towards the success of the world.







We want to help those who will shape the future.

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photo © Casa Eli-Ezer. Cali. Colombia

  • You can Help

    You can help

    Children and Youth in need are waiting for us, with your help we can make their lives better!

  • Helping the children to live better

    Helping the children to live better

    You can give time, toys, school endowements, love, life, make a donation, all help is welcome.

  • Activities & Pro bono events

    Activities & Pro bono events

    You can participate in our activities and events, through different channels we can do something special for all children and youth in need.

  • Sponsorship Program

    Sponsorship Program

    You can support a talented kid to continue their study or ability, through our sponsorship program.

  • Life

  • Hope

  • Education

  • Health

  • Love

  • Home

  • Beauty

  • Joy

  • Growth

  • Dream

  • Strenght

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