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Life for the Children Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on helping children and youth in the local and international communities, at individual and institutional level.

Our task arises in identifying the need for many children in this country who have desire and enthusiasm to study, but do not have enough resources to develop studies and talents.

Our Vision

The education and development of our children is the basic tool towards the success of the world. We want to help those who will mold our future.

Our Mission

Create support network for children and youth who are in the process of educational development.

Our Goal

In order to have a major impact, Life for the Children Foundation has decided to focus its resources in two fields:

  • Community Level: Schools in poverty-stricken communities.
  • Our foundation will contribute its efforts towards the strengthening and development of schools in the following aspects: resources for education, infrastructure, transportation and food.
  • Individual Level: Children and Youth with scarce resources who are in process of development and education.
    • Primary and Secondary Education Students
    • College Students
    • Children and Youth with notable talents in the fields of Arts and Sports

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